Who am I?

For the wise man looks into space and he knows there is no limited dimensions.

-Lao Tzu
So I am staring into this blank space so that you understand I am a wise man.

Even if you don’t, its okay. You can call me Soham. I write here, because its free, not because I have something great to say. Trust me on that! And what do I write on? Stuff which will make me look philosophical and make you go “oohs and aahs!” not because its appreciation worthy but often it gets to the point of a mindless torture worth the invoking of Human Rights Charter.

Just like this last sentence.


30 responses

17 07 2007

I am in love with the words underneath the title of this blog. Beautiful.

18 07 2007

I just got my comments back. I could not read them before. Much thanks for your “WOW”


19 07 2007

Thank you for your kind words on my poetry! Your thoughts are lovely. I have provided a link to this blog. Keep writing!

23 07 2007

I have just read your scrap posted on july 19..Now I read your courgeous words that are undoubtedly touching. The combination of Soul & The Witness is perfect.Keep writing and DO YOUR BEST!

23 07 2007
shakir hasnain

beautiful words, much pleased at having found your blog. i too love your words and the way they fall… the introduction up there is a piece of art.

be well soham

a friend

24 07 2007
Soham Das

Thank You all..for having read and liked whatever is there in these fleeting pages of my artistic existence.

1 09 2007
Magsearch :)

Hey beautiful opening lines..

I ll tell yu who yu are..trust me..
yu are a bloody brilliant writer, rather a poet!!

4 09 2007

kamal ka likhne laga hai tu. kitab likh aur extra earn kar

4 09 2007
Soham Das

Oye thanks yaar

20 09 2007

went through few of your entries. you write amazing.

20 09 2007

Hey Assamese fuck.
10,000 Assamese, 100 Bengalis, kill the Bengalis.
Your fucking Assam geniuses ( the extremely few of them )
like Bhupen Fuckup Hajarika sings Bengali songs to make
a living.
Nuke Assam.

21 09 2007
Soham Das

Thanks for dropping by and giving those things a read. I appreciate your comment whichever way it is. By the way I am a Bengali [I can see you cringing 🙂 ], and the story was not about the cause, or the harm but about the common man who doesnt want to get involved, yet he unwittingly gets involved

Thanks anyway for dropping by, I am going to accept your comment nevertheless.Keep coming back.

P.S: Your usage of abuse will not be tolerated. If you wanna a verbal duel of abuses, I am all game for it, but not on my blog. Savvy? Meet me on orkut or anywhere else you want me to.


23 09 2007

cool you got some real good answers.my version of percievening “who am i ?”
is,i am what i am ,and i will be what i am.i give this as a promise to you soda.

“real good page,that has a classical soda touch ,i can feel you soda in each and every line of this page”

6 10 2007

I had clicked on your page from another blogger’s site and well, your title caught my eye being that I have a post on my own blog titled ‘I Am the Am in I’ where I’ve asked the final question at the end of asked the reader: ‘Do you know your “I AM”?’ So seeing your title being “closely” similar to mine I decided to have a read. Very interesting Soda. Very interesting. 🙂

10 10 2007

should i comment anything for the wonderful finishing touch..

//Inspite of all this I am still searching for the unknown me and the unknown you.//

Excellent write up!
keep going..

Best Wishes..
Raghavan alias Saravanan M.

12 10 2007

Very interesting site – btw, I like the way you dealt with the angry comment.

12 10 2007
Soham Das


Thank you Susan, you see I have got to respect him too, for he did go through my post 🙂 albeit he made a different impression out of it than what I intended to convey.

13 10 2007
Michelle Johnson

I am sorry for that terrible post above but, you handled it very nicely. I will certainly be back to read more of your blog (poetry). I hope you can find who you are and what it all means to you. I think we all try to sort through our feelings of who we are at some time in our lives. I just have to wonder if anyone ever finds the answer. Please let me know if you do. I am with Sara these words are beautiful ‘Here were my last footsteps on the sands of the vast artistic shores.’ You certainly have a way with words. Keep up the good work.

Have a nice day.

PS. Looking forward to that Paradelle.

13 10 2007
Soham Das


🙂 , Thank You

15 10 2007

Hi there! Thanks for the comment. I have no idea where they get their sound effects, but try as I might I can’t figure out where they get “puchi puchi” from haha! Great blog btw, awesome poetry 😀 Keep it up!

15 10 2007
Soham Das

Thanks Bee…

30 10 2007

I am hooked on to ur blog…. (and I have end sems starting mrrow and I don’t seem to be able to bring myself to close this window)….

I loved “Zeitgeist: The Spirit of the age”….its clever….

and, ‘My Last Return’ which is so soulful…..


22 11 2007

soham das.. the great poet 😉

22 11 2007
Soham Das

thanks Indrani…

22 11 2007

naah not like this… smile n then say thx… 😀

22 11 2007
Soham Das

🙂 thanks…dekho ab haske bola maine…

13 12 2007

THAT sounds like a damn good opening line for a superhero flick. =)

13 12 2007
Soham Das

Yeah I know, my mom always told me I am born to write for superheroes… 🙂

18 12 2007

badhiya hai bhai.. keep it up..

18 06 2008

we all are unaware of ourself and strange thing is that we never ever think about this,
dear Soham you are lucky that you atleast reach to the point where you ask this question,
now you asked the question then shurely you get the answer………
just wait and keep asking from yourself and oneday your conciousness bless you with the answer…..

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