Left Behind (II)

29 01 2008

43 years ago, 1965

Kenny Richards, loves his beer. Carlton is his favorite. He let a sip of the translucent brownish liquid quench his thirst,

” Hey, Smith, where is Lee? Doesn’t seem to be around eh?”

“Yeah, went to his shrink, that old fart thinks he’ll get pregnant”, the bartender replied

And both men, laughed off at an otherwise crass joke.

He took another swig of the drink and let Smith tend to his customers.

” Busy busy day”, Kenny replied and got up to pay his bills.

“Hey Smith, here is the bill, keep the change”

The middle aged bartender let out a smile and he swooped his share with a swift move.

Carla was there and Kenny let a smile come up to his lips. She was sitting with two of her friends, brunettes.

“Hey there beautiful, whats up?”

“Heyy.. Kenny, what a surprise. Yeah doing great. Oops I missed out, okay she is Ruby, my colleague at the school and she is Dallas. Ruby,Dally, meet Kenny”

“So ladies, enjoying the drink?”, he edged around the table and made himself comfortable.

“Kenny, you got all the moves, bastard” thought Kenny

Twenty minutes later the three girls were animatedly giggling and chatting up with Kenny. Kenny once heard some wise man say, the leader in a group is not the one who does the talking, its the one to whom everybody talks to. Apparently Kenny was having the best of both worlds.

A twenty something guy, loves to have fun, simple innocuous and innocent fun. A bit of flirting surely classified as one in his list. Got a family, a dysfunctional one, 50 km down Ohio, Logan is the place, and he was half way around his world from Ohio. Northampton to be precise. Works in the local mine in the day and spends his evenings with his girlfriend. He loved his life, the life loved him back.So Kenny’s life, was divided between his day job, Carlton, a bit of fun and Tina.

This evening with Carla, did seem to be going great.

“So, Kenny boy, what did your boss say, when you kicked him on his rear”, giggled Dallas.

“Got late!”,part panic, part sober.

Boy, Tina is gonna roast your ass alive, you are running an hour late

“Gotcha go ladies, Nine o’clock show time!”, Kenny took his keys and made a dash for the door, leaving three giggling ladies, part eying his return and partly envying the lucky lady.

“Cool guy, must say”

What followed this was repeated a million times, a written and rewritten another million times. Interpreted, torn apart, picked for any loopholes. But nothing was found convincing enough to prove otherwise. Kenny Richards, aged 21 ,was found guilty for first degree murder of Christina Anderson aged 20, Jim Matthews aged 6, and Laura Matthews aged 4.Instrument of murder, a 6″ butchers knife and a garrote. Victims died in absolute pain.The Matthew kids often came down to Tina’s home when their parents ran late. Apparently this was one of those evenings. Kenny’s footsteps were found all over the place, Tina was 2 months pregnant. Everybody thought they knew the truth. Kenny was given the moniker of “Monster of Northampton”. The entire country was shocked and media reiterated the evidences. Sheriff investigated with a know-it-all-attitude, media portrayed with a cant-happen-any-other-way-stance, and the jury passed the judgment as an open-and-shut-case.

But the truth was, Kenny didn’t kill.

Kenny Richards was on death row, to be killed by electrocution.


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3 responses

29 01 2008
Left Behind « The Soul and The Witness

[…] …continued  […]

30 01 2008

Wow..Great way to keep people looking out 4 ur blogs 🙂

30 01 2008
Soham Das

He he… thanks..
You see… I am still writing it.. so just thought why not make it a chapter wise thing… just posted the part 3.. check it out…

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