Left Behind (VI)

3 02 2008

And then one day, Jon stopped receiving any letters from Kenny. It stopped almost as suddenly it started. Montana for months after kept wondering, while watching the night sky, if Kenny finally found the world he wished for. Montana for the rest of his short life lived with this constant amazement and a gratefulness that fate had not been cruel to him.

In Kenny’s small apartment, there was a table which rested its one side with the window pane. It had something scratched out by a knife. In some ways it reminds me of a custom in prison, etching out ones deepest desires of freedom on its walls, so that the next person will have a bit more courage.

It was a simple sentence which read,

One day, gonna fly through this pane, to freedom.




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17 02 2008
Left Behind (V) « The Soul and The Witness

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