The Muslims all over the world???

25 09 2007

First of all I’d like to thank people back home and the Muslims all over the world. We gave our 100%.

Oh Yeah Shoaib you did give your 100%, perfect. Thats called a sporting spirit. Accepting things as they present themselves, come defeat, come victory. You thank God, for showering his blessings thats great, gratitude are the marks of real human beings. But from where did this Muslim talk get in? I cant smirk while thinking what exactly did he mean by “…Muslims all over the world.”? Did he just find Muslims in Pakistan only? Or did he just thank my Muslim neighbor who pitched for India vehemently, all through?Oh no, did he make the amusing mistake of thanking the Pathan brothers, one of them who single handedly destroyed the Pakis middle order and the other gave a thrilling start(whichever way it is) to the match? God, I am confused!I just wonder, and wonder hard what would have had happened if Pakistanis would have won the Cup. They would have run around the ground(perfectly fine) and hugged and kissed each other(great! fraternity and filial feelings), but then something would have followed. They would have offered impromptu salaah-ra’akat. Great! you should be grateful to Allah and Jehovah, but such public demonstrations just take the scene to a surreal level. I do thank God that Indians have that secularism ingrained in their blood. They yes thank Gods surely but do run away with the Indian flag and give their obeisance to the Indian flag foremost .Thats how we play!

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We won: Should I say anymore?

24 09 2007

The Indian Moment of Truth

So the moment of truth has arrived. We WON and we won the way we win. The heart stopping, nail chewing, edge of the seat thriller way. With 13 runs from the last 6 balls it was possible, and then with 6 runs down the boundary it was just a matter of time and grits for Pakis to pull off this .But it didnt happen. And thus we created history. A history which will be remembered by all the believers, all the doubting Thomases, all the devotees and ultimately all of India . It will go down in the memories as the day when we found our joys back and passion rekindled. I was watching the presentation and saw 16 happy, exuberant, determined and gritty young boys change the way we Indians, experience joy and in the process made themselves worthy of calling men, the men who rubbed words of distrust onto the very face of their critics and rammed and shoved the opponents in the very game they play. After all, Indian cricket deserved it, deserved this moment of truth, joy and celebration for their boys have grown up to become the Men In Blue.

Seeing Harbhajan Singh, Irfan Pathan and Dhoni pumping into thin air it just occurred to me, do we young men really need a wise crack looking over us and telling how we should walk into the fields? Should we need people sitting over us and governing us when they can’t look after themselves. After all we played only one game before this tournament, infinite thanks to BCCI. BCCI in its ethereal wisdom went even to the extent to ask Do we need coaches??? Taking this curve of reasoning a fair bit ahead, we Indians are a nation of people with 60% of people less than 25, we showed that we neednt have any smarty pants dictating over us. After all we were not supposed to win this match, heck we were not supposed to come till here. After all we dont have our main strengths our seniors with us. We didnt have million dollar asking coaches to train us. This just makes me feel we youths can do whatever we think. We youths are no more different from today’s winners. We, youth are the winners. I just wonder what the rest of the nation will be thinking. Will it be thinking: We can win, not only in the cricket matches but also in the game of life?

Or will they be thinking: Today the Cricket World Cup tomorrow the Hockey and day after Olympics? I can hear young minds getting excited with the possibilities, do you hear them.

Get aside world, here we come…

Gritty Gambhir

Gritty Gambhir

Scintillating Irfan

Ravishing Rudra Pratap Singh


The Indian innings highlights

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