Left Behind (II)

29 01 2008

43 years ago, 1965

Kenny Richards, loves his beer. Carlton is his favorite. He let a sip of the translucent brownish liquid quench his thirst,

” Hey, Smith, where is Lee? Doesn’t seem to be around eh?”

“Yeah, went to his shrink, that old fart thinks he’ll get pregnant”, the bartender replied

And both men, laughed off at an otherwise crass joke.

He took another swig of the drink and let Smith tend to his customers.

” Busy busy day”, Kenny replied and got up to pay his bills.

“Hey Smith, here is the bill, keep the change”

The middle aged bartender let out a smile and he swooped his share with a swift move.

Carla was there and Kenny let a smile come up to his lips. She was sitting with two of her friends, brunettes.

“Hey there beautiful, whats up?”

“Heyy.. Kenny, what a surprise. Yeah doing great. Oops I missed out, okay she is Ruby, my colleague at the school and she is Dallas. Ruby,Dally, meet Kenny”

“So ladies, enjoying the drink?”, he edged around the table and made himself comfortable.

“Kenny, you got all the moves, bastard” thought Kenny

Twenty minutes later the three girls were animatedly giggling and chatting up with Kenny. Kenny once heard some wise man say, the leader in a group is not the one who does the talking, its the one to whom everybody talks to. Apparently Kenny was having the best of both worlds.

A twenty something guy, loves to have fun, simple innocuous and innocent fun. A bit of flirting surely classified as one in his list. Got a family, a dysfunctional one, 50 km down Ohio, Logan is the place, and he was half way around his world from Ohio. Northampton to be precise. Works in the local mine in the day and spends his evenings with his girlfriend. He loved his life, the life loved him back.So Kenny’s life, was divided between his day job, Carlton, a bit of fun and Tina.

This evening with Carla, did seem to be going great.

“So, Kenny boy, what did your boss say, when you kicked him on his rear”, giggled Dallas.

“Got late!”,part panic, part sober.

Boy, Tina is gonna roast your ass alive, you are running an hour late

“Gotcha go ladies, Nine o’clock show time!”, Kenny took his keys and made a dash for the door, leaving three giggling ladies, part eying his return and partly envying the lucky lady.

“Cool guy, must say”

What followed this was repeated a million times, a written and rewritten another million times. Interpreted, torn apart, picked for any loopholes. But nothing was found convincing enough to prove otherwise. Kenny Richards, aged 21 ,was found guilty for first degree murder of Christina Anderson aged 20, Jim Matthews aged 6, and Laura Matthews aged 4.Instrument of murder, a 6″ butchers knife and a garrote. Victims died in absolute pain.The Matthew kids often came down to Tina’s home when their parents ran late. Apparently this was one of those evenings. Kenny’s footsteps were found all over the place, Tina was 2 months pregnant. Everybody thought they knew the truth. Kenny was given the moniker of “Monster of Northampton”. The entire country was shocked and media reiterated the evidences. Sheriff investigated with a know-it-all-attitude, media portrayed with a cant-happen-any-other-way-stance, and the jury passed the judgment as an open-and-shut-case.

But the truth was, Kenny didn’t kill.

Kenny Richards was on death row, to be killed by electrocution.


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Left Behind (I)

29 01 2008

The warden held the judgment in his one hand and took a drag of his cigar as he looked at the blue sky outside. He let his eyes drift away, and fall on the inmates enjoying themselves with a relaxing game of football. Brown rugged ground below, the blue clear sky above, and a puff of smoke rising lazily. A million questions, a thousand thoughts of sympathy and anguish. He let his cigar smoke roll away and wished if he could do just that.

A knock on the door. The man swiveled in his chair and let him know that he can come in.

“Lt. Evans, you know what has to be done”, a pain ringed in his voice.

“Yes, Sir, I will take care of it”, a firm resoluteness.


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Proto.in Day II

20 01 2008

This post is a continuation of this post, on BonchiBuji, Proto.in on Day 1


“Startups are the center of this universe”

-Vijay Anand

It had been a phenomenal weekend in Chennai, where two extraordinarily buzzing event took place simultaneously. TiE-CON and Proto.in . And looking by the way it all turned up yesterday had been a befitting finale to an extraordinary event.

First a brief snapshot of TiE-CON. I had been talking to Dorai and he mentioned it to me that what a success this one day event had been. TiE was started by a group of successful Indian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley who was driven by this crazy idea of actually giving back something to this community. And it has grown from a tiny-winy meet in Silicon Valley to a booming bustling community spread around 30+ countries. Wow! And this time TiECOn held in Chennai was an absolute clincher. I couldnt attend it but the testimonials were enough , believe me. And to think of it, the CM Karunanidhi actually changed quite a few impressions. One observer told, that because the expectations were hell-low from him, so even an average performance by him was recieved with a pleasant surprise. He he… πŸ™‚ (I am not much of DMK fan, but for once I would like to believe it) He spoke in English(shit!I missed this moment, apparently I have never heard him talking in anything else than Tamil), spoke with a vision and did talk about how he was instrumental in setting up of the evangelical fund of Tamil Nadu for budding entrepreneurs (honestly, these people can lie a lot well than the average people, maybe it was the handicraft of some visionary IAS fella’).

Wait a minute, am I evangelising DMK, or Proto.in…?

Heck, back to Proto. So the day starts with companies , all over the country and one from even RSA coming with their 6 minutes pitch. In internet section this guy(thats me!) believes that not much of ‘wow’ zing was there. All were jumping in this ‘social networking + blogging + content” bandwagon, so not much differentiator. Antya had been something different with a human powered ‘brand’ search engine. Honestly the demo looked interesting, but have severe apprehensions of its scalability. If Sunny and Bharanidharan find a way to scale it up, I guess they have a winner. Instablogs, Viewspaper looked like twins without the tattoo( its a Bollywood euphemism). Quite a few things turned up on mobile space with Mobisy, a talk from Rajesh Jain going big time bullish on mobile space and other stuff. Mundial from RSA, presented Yambi. Philip Leonard has quite a feel-good product, looks clean and I am sure will deliver quite a punch if delivered properly.

Update 0.2 : I almost forgot to talk about Bosky and Arun’s, Hover.in . Its interesting to know that these guys, have put their money where the pulse is. They have bet big on the entire Web 2.0 phenomena and blogs, wikis and stuff like that. They are what they claim to be “customized content display with an intuitive reader engagement”

I had been talking with quite a lot of people in and around Proto. There is Milind Borate of Dhruva who talked about this new young blood in this entire ecosystem. True Milind, I noticed it for quite some time. Even interesting people like Amarinder of CoreObjects was talking about embedded and semiconductor industry. He was talking to me , how they recently acquired another firm called Jopasana.

Interesting stuff, I must say. And to top it all, India won against these Aussies, it was just a moment sweeter.

So, here are some of the snaps from Day-II.




Vijay and his baby!

Vijay and his Baby

The lull before the entrepreneurial storm

The lull before the entrepreneurial storm

Yeah!Thats me

Yeah!Thats me, yours truly… πŸ™‚

Till the next time, good luck and good bye… Meet you in Proto next year. πŸ™‚

Update 0.1 : Was talking with Sunny and Bharani of Antya, and it was heartening to listen to the overall response to their site over net. They had been talking along with Manav of Reliance Entertainment, and it seems that they have got a good response from the audience. At least its not following the typical ‘A’ -‘ladder’ curve..(a SoDa original :), this curve is actually the response thats shown by the audience on net towards something new, a sharp rise and a sharp fall and then the venture consolidating audiences slowly but steadily and again reaching the same viewership in 7-8 months.) They got a sharp rise and then the audience seem to hold out. Yes its increasing and decreasing but in a very limited range. So thats good to hear. Apparently VCs have burnt their fingers with Guruji.com and askLaila, so it will be interesting journey ahead for antya.

Nonsense. Inc

17 01 2008

He is the CEO of his company
called Nonsense dot Inc.
lives life like a king
but has got a lot to sink.

He is the CEO, President
HR and the lawyer,
Keeps his files under lock and key,
and tries to fit his PC in a drawer,

One ought to be as careful as it takes,
God knows!when the rivals rake
He assures the dear Investor,
even a burst cant make Nonsense shake

Cash flows are positive, he tells to the investor,
but from the view of a customer,(he murmurs)
The product will be in demand,he says,
only in the year of nineteen eighty sixer.

He is gonna rock, and he is gonna IPO
gonna make the history as the meanest CEO
Featured on TIME,he’ll be the man of the year,
will go to the Oprah’s grinning ear to ear

Flying on a jet, diving in the Thais,
Kissing the babes,jumping from the skies,
He has got the guts, he has got the ‘mony’,
Will walk up to Jobs and call him ,’Sonny!’

Life is smooth, life is fine,
Gonna check in Ritz and there he’ll dine
When VCs sued him one day,
he coolly walked away,
Sold his stake to an’er PE,
and bought a Cooper mini.
And well, E&Y awarded him
“CEO of the Decade”
Knowing really well, its all his facade

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The Victory

16 01 2008

She was the Princess Ajita,
the heaven’s beauty,and the nature’s grace
and he was poet royale Shekhar,
smith of the words, sewing them with a lace
She was the Princess Ajita, the smile broke a thousand moons
and he was Shekhar,on poems of whose the kingdom revelled
He loved her, with all his poetical truth,
and all his white heart.
Yet, knew not the King Narayana,nor the Gods themselves.
Yet sang he when, the songs of his love unheard,
the love of his bosom graced the stars of the sky
O ye! but who listens to this song behind the velvet drape?
Who is it, who peers on his voice with her melodious trinklet?
Manjari, is it, the maid of princess?
Shekhar, loved her not,but her company to keep,
She sat on the evenings alone for his sweetness to seep.
Shekhar, buoyed by his lone muse and presence,
and flowed from his pen the ballads like essence
devoid of all his worldly defence ,
The world knew, the King knew, and so did Manjari,
or so did they think,on these innocent trysts.
But truth is oft a bag of clues, layers filled,
and Shekhar knew the truth and his heart alone,
yet with the jesting world he reeled.
The Duel
Day 1
Whose ominous shadows does this monsoon bring?
On whose arrogant wisdom does these trees swing?
It is the Pundarik, oh is it?
The great poet from the Kingdom of Anandapur…
It is Pundarik, oh is it?
The word smith par-less, holding the pride
of thousand bested poets.
“Oh Rajadhiraj, Oh kind and virtuous king,” Pundarik roared
“I seek the war of words, the battle of hymns”, his voice soared
“I have the pride of thousand poets, and all of them implored
afraid and defeated even was the poet of the Lord”
Urged the King, the crowd and life itself,
Shekhar bowed down and glanced at his love,
yet joyous was the court, thought he smiled at the Lord.
“If I be the winner, lady, then thy name be victorious”
So did, the duel begin,
the battle of the hymns, the sound of the seers
The war of the words and clash of the wordsmiths.
Pundarik stood, and so did the court,
raptous were the subjects, hypnotised in short
So began the conquistador, and so began the King’s praise
The court moved, swung in the gardens of Pundarik’s emotions
King swayed, in the swings of his beaming voice.
Shekhar, stood up and lanced with his poetry,
glanced at his King, advanced on his mastery.
The love for his king, the pearls of his heart
the blood of his veins throbbed in his art
Yet it was Pundarik’s glory
The day went on, with both of them lancing around
Yet Shekhar was at a loss, and the curtains were drawn.
the war stopped till another dawn
Day 2
Shekhar got up, glanced at his love
he smiled, unknownst to the world, prayed in his heart
and sang the song of his King.
“I maybe defeated in the play of words,
yet defeated I am not in the love of thee”
Shekhar forgot the trial with his rival,
lost in his thoughts rustling, quivering in the breeze of spring
thus flowed the Song of his Flute,visions of Ajita in his poetic wing.
Yet lost was he, with Pundarik’s art,
flinged him out with the toss of his poetic twig
the court hushed, revelling in the scholar’s clout.
Narayana smiled, and held up in his hand
the exquisite necklace of pearls,
The arrogance beamed and took it as his band
Shekhar lost and dejected, wandered away in the warmth of the setting sun.
The Victory
Screamed did he, in his home alone,
tossing his works in the fiery fire to atone
yet hurt was he, with his own broken love,
couldn’t usher the court in his patho filled cove
“Burn, Burn thee, my beauty, my lady, my fire
thou hast been burning in my heart since the futile aeons
If my life was the gold unshone,it would glow ever brighter,
but it ‘s a turf of grass and nothing remains but dust and ashes”
The night wore on, the jasmines blossomed
Shekhar drank with the acrid bacchus, dipped in poison of his life.
Golden trinklets seeped past this night, the smell of roses rising high.
The poet with his eyes shut,”You are a bit late, My lady, my end is well-nigh”
“My poet, I have come”,
His sight was dim, breath shallow, yet he heard the last of her swallow
“I am Ajita, oh poet, and you were my victor today,
Charmed was I, in your words did I ever sway”
She took the garland of flowers off her neck and put it on his head
The poet smiled on her grace and threw himself
beaten, desolate and dead.

So here is my entry to From Soups to Nuts. Let me see where does it all fit in. A story rendered by Rabindranath Tagore of the same name, presented as a poem by yours truly. Although didn’t quite expect it to be such a long treatise, yet couldnt quite make it short. Its bit of heavy, so I don’t think at least it will go well with Hors d’Oeuvres , maybe will send it to Main Course πŸ˜› . Anyway do let me know how did you like it…
Another poetry alongside, Upagupta , inspired from the same man who penned them all…
And yeah if you liked this place, then I would appreciate if you spread its word around.

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Its all about balance honey!

9 01 2008

Image by pittsinger

Uh no! You got me all wrong. I ain’t that materialistic, come on! πŸ™‚ I am not going to talk about the bank balance (don’t have much to talk about it! ), or how to increase it by being a freelancer or something like that.

I am going to talk about something far more fundamental, enriching and holistic. I am talking about striking a balance between the different aspects of your life. Read the rest of this entry »

10 things to do before I hit 30!

7 01 2008

Image by ms4jah

Life is no brief candle for me. It is a sort of splendid torch, which I have got hold for the moment, and I want to make it burn as bright as possible before handing it on to future generations.

-George Bernard Shaw

No, 30 is not the beginning of the end. No, no, you got me all wrong, 30 is not when you start settling for less… 30 is just a milestone, is another year. For me, it just marks my end of recklessness and start of something more anchoring. I have often in past talked about overcoming fears and oft harangued mindsets to make a better you. Thought about applying the same for me. I took the pen and started jotting down things which actually excites me and makes me feel insecure/afraid. Read the rest of this entry »