Fighting Hell

14 12 2009

You wake up one night,
dreaming a dream often seen
Reminding you of your sins,
the bursting anger under the seams

You wake up one night
sweating and short of breath,
The water reminds you of red blood,
and her merciless death

Your fear haunts you,
“Oh Lord”, a primal groan out of your throat
“Its the devils ploy…”,
Redemption is all you seek,
But its pain inside this decoy

You tread, and you still parley,
Playing with the gods in heaven,
so thoroughly beaten
You fight your own fight,
with the keepers of chances
and the devil’s evil prances

Glory you seek,
Oh Tears you shall get,
This air reeks
of the memories you want’a forget

Its the hell, the red dark hell,
this roads leads to…
You walk the high road,
with a glint of hope,
and a slight smile…
You brandish your sword,
Oh the devils you fend
Its your hopes they are after,
The dreams of glory you have seen
Dont falter lest you fall,
they’ll snatch everything sweet of yours
spitting your empty black soul…


Zeitgeist: The Spirit of the age

28 09 2007

Zeitgeist:(germ. zeit: times geist: spirit) Its interesting to know what people are searching for, its even more interesting to know what people want to search and it sometimes is infinitely exciting to know the pulse of the people even before they know it. Google has changed the way we classify information, not about the things around us but also about us. Google’s Zeitgeist is a mark of such work, which demographically and geographically enlists the top desires of the whole internet connected consciousness.

For a blogger newbie like me, its thrilling to see how your blog fares in searches,what topics does the audience wish to see in your page, what subjects have caught their attention and they have remembered it. The biggest kick which I derive from blogging is seeing your daily hits go up. The second, checking out how my audience lands up on the blog.

So sample this:


Wow! thanks for such a wonderful search. I am touched :). Incidentally whoever you are, you have been patient enough to read my litany 16 times(the hit on that day was 16 times by this user). *Sob* *sob* I am touched… 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

Now check this out

fuck assamese

Well, what can I do ,this was one of the search terms. Read this piece and this comment to get a better idea of why did it land on my blog. Well, I think its Sid who came back searching for his words. Thanks again Sid for visiting it. You may have seen my comment too. Now going by the mass hysteria of World Cup T20 victory of India,I got a slew of search terms.

Cricket dhoni’s speech

You know when you get old in life things

Both of these have brought the person to my take on the Al Pacino speech by our ol’ captains and players to MR. MSD.

Then again there were a few more who came back just for the sake of reading my Broken because the search terms included the name of the place like Duliajan which only a person truly interested will come seeking for more. Thanks for such interest.

assam agitation+duliajan firing

Then there is my take on Shoaib Malik fantastic absolutely sensibly nonsense thank you speech on the presentation ceremony of T20.

muslims all over the world pakistan

thanks to Muslims all over the world

Well some of you have landed accidentally, sorry if I have tested your patience, some wandered and gave the pieces a read ,thank you for trying them 🙂 and some who have come back searching for more. Thanks a lot, its you who make my writing experience a worthwhile thing.


P.S: This has not been added in my contents page due to seeming incoherence with the theme of this blog.