Day II

20 01 2008

This post is a continuation of this post, on BonchiBuji, on Day 1


“Startups are the center of this universe”

-Vijay Anand

It had been a phenomenal weekend in Chennai, where two extraordinarily buzzing event took place simultaneously. TiE-CON and . And looking by the way it all turned up yesterday had been a befitting finale to an extraordinary event.

First a brief snapshot of TiE-CON. I had been talking to Dorai and he mentioned it to me that what a success this one day event had been. TiE was started by a group of successful Indian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley who was driven by this crazy idea of actually giving back something to this community. And it has grown from a tiny-winy meet in Silicon Valley to a booming bustling community spread around 30+ countries. Wow! And this time TiECOn held in Chennai was an absolute clincher. I couldnt attend it but the testimonials were enough , believe me. And to think of it, the CM Karunanidhi actually changed quite a few impressions. One observer told, that because the expectations were hell-low from him, so even an average performance by him was recieved with a pleasant surprise. He he… πŸ™‚ (I am not much of DMK fan, but for once I would like to believe it) He spoke in English(shit!I missed this moment, apparently I have never heard him talking in anything else than Tamil), spoke with a vision and did talk about how he was instrumental in setting up of the evangelical fund of Tamil Nadu for budding entrepreneurs (honestly, these people can lie a lot well than the average people, maybe it was the handicraft of some visionary IAS fella’).

Wait a minute, am I evangelising DMK, or…?

Heck, back to Proto. So the day starts with companies , all over the country and one from even RSA coming with their 6 minutes pitch. In internet section this guy(thats me!) believes that not much of ‘wow’ zing was there. All were jumping in this ‘social networking + blogging + content” bandwagon, so not much differentiator. Antya had been something different with a human powered ‘brand’ search engine. Honestly the demo looked interesting, but have severe apprehensions of its scalability. If Sunny and Bharanidharan find a way to scale it up, I guess they have a winner. Instablogs, Viewspaper looked like twins without the tattoo( its a Bollywood euphemism). Quite a few things turned up on mobile space with Mobisy, a talk from Rajesh Jain going big time bullish on mobile space and other stuff. Mundial from RSA, presented Yambi. Philip Leonard has quite a feel-good product, looks clean and I am sure will deliver quite a punch if delivered properly.

Update 0.2 : I almost forgot to talk about Bosky and Arun’s, . Its interesting to know that these guys, have put their money where the pulse is. They have bet big on the entire Web 2.0 phenomena and blogs, wikis and stuff like that. They are what they claim to be “customized content display with an intuitive reader engagement”

I had been talking with quite a lot of people in and around Proto. There is Milind Borate of Dhruva who talked about this new young blood in this entire ecosystem. True Milind, I noticed it for quite some time. Even interesting people like Amarinder of CoreObjects was talking about embedded and semiconductor industry. He was talking to me , how they recently acquired another firm called Jopasana.

Interesting stuff, I must say. And to top it all, India won against these Aussies, it was just a moment sweeter.

So, here are some of the snaps from Day-II.




Vijay and his baby!

Vijay and his Baby

The lull before the entrepreneurial storm

The lull before the entrepreneurial storm

Yeah!Thats me

Yeah!Thats me, yours truly… πŸ™‚

Till the next time, good luck and good bye… Meet you in Proto next year. πŸ™‚

Update 0.1 : Was talking with Sunny and Bharani of Antya, and it was heartening to listen to the overall response to their site over net. They had been talking along with Manav of Reliance Entertainment, and it seems that they have got a good response from the audience. At least its not following the typical ‘A’ -‘ladder’ curve..(a SoDa original :), this curve is actually the response thats shown by the audience on net towards something new, a sharp rise and a sharp fall and then the venture consolidating audiences slowly but steadily and again reaching the same viewership in 7-8 months.) They got a sharp rise and then the audience seem to hold out. Yes its increasing and decreasing but in a very limited range. So thats good to hear. Apparently VCs have burnt their fingers with and askLaila, so it will be interesting journey ahead for antya.




7 responses

20 01 2008

True, it was interesting weekend this week at Chennai….

Basically, the internet section, was more like – bubble 1.0, while the logistics section, were no-brainers (sorry about that) – but the folks did not have any idea nor innovation… it was more like, they did it, so will I – types…

never the less, the energy and synergy was there…

21 01 2008

heard it was gud..couldnt attend…hope to have such events again…

21 01 2008
Leonard Badi

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It is a fact that the majority of Internet users cannot afford this solution. In order to remotely access the data, they are forced to host them on the web only (no off line) often with companies they can’t completely trust. But believe me, not all data are meant to be hosted by a third party.
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Imagine your Outlook or any other mail client integrating all your Mail accounts, Contact management with Presence, secure and archived Instant messaging, shared and group calendar, file sharing, etc with Server-side hosted data.
Imagine … Yambi: an unified messaging platform for the consumer worldwide.
Yambi: your unique and secure PVN (personal virtual network)

21 01 2008
Soham Das


Haha true.. I couldnt attend the logistics section(was too busy checking out Pathan and Clark) but heard the same thing from a couple of people more…

My dear bonchi, Proto will be there even the next time, but well it just got a tad harder πŸ™‚
Proto is moving to New Delhi…

21 01 2008
Soham Das

Thanks Leonard, πŸ™‚ for the B-Pitch πŸ™‚

yeah as I said in the post, it did look good and yeah as you mentioned in your site, it can be very well used to leverage in educational instis. and SMEs..

All the best for the future

22 01 2008

Hey, I never knew of the TIECON event was happening in Chennai on the same day as proto. Hmm.. lot of activity happening around.

22 01 2008
Soham Das

True.. I just came to know about it on the first day of Proto that TiECON is happening… and instantly I regretted not being more well informed… πŸ™‚

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