Its all about balance honey!

9 01 2008

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Uh no! You got me all wrong. I ain’t that materialistic, come on! 🙂 I am not going to talk about the bank balance (don’t have much to talk about it! ), or how to increase it by being a freelancer or something like that.

I am going to talk about something far more fundamental, enriching and holistic. I am talking about striking a balance between the different aspects of your life. That of work and family, public and personal, responsibilities and passions. Honestly, so many of us feel worn, rejected, dejected because we cant balance it properly.

Many people have asked me, how do you keep yourself motivated. I frankly don’t have an answer except this that I try to balance my life.So I would love to share some of my ideas about how to balance your life.

Honestly, there is a very simple technique and comprises of just 5 reminders:

Slow down, Tyro!

So many a times, we have been running past the things which really should not deserve so much of attention. We become so engrossed, so much into it, that we forget there is a life outside. There were times when I became so very much enraptured by a particular problem in electronics that, I used to think about it while having lunch, talk with myself while walking or plainly stayed put in my room. At these times what you should do is, take a step back, shut it down from your system and concentrate on things other than that. You might consider taking a walk, vacation or a day off.

Add Zing!

Life is too short to stay in one thing and too long to keep rolling. You have found something which has been taking all your time isn’t it? So how about adding a zing!, a dash of freshness to your otherwise monotonous life. The trick lies in understanding what will rejuvenate you. If you are a person who revels in creativity, philosophy, right brain thinking then you might like something which excites your left brain. Professionals who do WordPress Theme Design [:) ], can revel in some Sudoku puzzles and those who love to whack their logical brains like, programmers might consider reading and writing poems. Try it! At first it can feel a a bit uneasy but you will love the excitement.

Send the worries for a sixer!

Life = Stress-> Worry. If you find yourself nodding to it then this is for you. Often worries destroy our soul and intellect far faster than your mug of beer. What I do normally is, if something is worrying me, I calm down myself, sit at a place where nobody will disturb me, and detach myself totally from the situation. I ask myself what can be the maximum damage possible. Often you will find, its too trivial to even think about it. But indeed, if it is not trivial, then reason with yourself about how small it is, when compared to all what you have achieved. This is a dash of self-hypnosis+ motivation and refocussing. Try it! It works wonders.

Have Faith, brother!

I am not much a believer in the established concepts of theism. Yet I certainly subscribe to this fact, that you must have faith on something bigger, powerful and higher than you. Maybe it is God, Yahweh, destiny, whatever you call. But when it needs to balancing you life, then this certainly is a major point for you to remember. Take some time out of programming in Haskell, hit the brakes midway while you are creating a Monalisa, instead be grateful to life, or maybe your God or maybe say a silent thanks to the stars. This de-stresses our days a lot and can often urge us to do our work even better.

Find a love!

And finally the clincher! Find somebody who can emotionally support you. An understanding spouse can be much more than just understand, she can support, nourish and nurture your spiritual mind and soul. If you are not in a position to find that magical soul( as like me), then talk more to your family. Tell them how much do you love them and talk to them.


Life is not the amount of breaths you take!
Its the moments that take your breathe away!



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