When will you stop?

29 12 2007

“A tear on the face of eternity”

Rabindranath Tagore
(Nobel Laureate,1913)
Shahjehan wanted Taj Mahal to be the most unique statement of love and beauty. He brought marbles from Rajasthan(around 400 miles away from the site), the most famous and skilled artisans from India and Persia and the gems from Middle East.Yet he was frequently worried by the distant possibility of this monument being overlooked by the tides of time, sons of the future.
So at the end of it, he took a step, a drastic one, to put rest to all his demons. So what was supposed to be a symbol of beauty, also went down as the mark of the greatest injustice. ShahJehan made it sure, the very hands which sculpted the marbels of the Taj were cut,severed and rendered useless. The artisans, all 21,000 of them, went home limbless, amputated. The architect lost his life.
For an artist, his hands bring pride to him. Each time he looks at them, he feels the power of creativity in him, which he washes alive with the energy of the Universe to bring forth the most beautiful things in life. And ShahJehan took away that singleton piece of pride. He didnt render him mean-less, he rendered the artisans meaningless.
Although this story of ShahJehan doesn’t have historic evidence. Yet a similar act is carried out everyday of our lives. And this time, we are the artisans and we are the very ShahJehans.We kill each day, the opportunity for our inner-artists to come out and be proud. We sever the inner artisan’s will with fear, razor sharp fear. We take out lives from the inner- architects, by pessimism, cold blood pessimism. We let each day pass by, dreaming and not acting on our hopes, desires and wants, we push each of our day into a void from where it will never come back. Another opportunity to sculpt ourselves is gone forever. Each day, thousands of people die, with their dreams un-lived because they chose not to. Each day, millions of people shut up their dreams and carry on doing what they are not supposed to do. And each day billions of people, dream and then kill it by pessimism.
As they say,
“Dont die with the music still in you”
So, when will you stop killing your dreams?
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