Where does the power lie?

28 12 2007
Image by idealterna

A long time ago, there was a powerful shaman in a village, in a place far,far away. There was this young man, He’-sha-be who apparently impressed by the magical skills of the shaman, decided to be his apprentice. But there was a problem, he was not the only one who wanted to be his apprentice, there were two more. So the shaman, decided to take a test. He said to his fellow-men, with his eyebrows curled, and eyes closed in a hawk-like expression, “Ye! all, Look at these hands and look at these fingers. Powerful are they, blessed are they, magical are they…” And the crowd nodded vociferously, and cheered.” And let these men… “pointing to the three youngsters, who wanted to be under his tutelage, “then point out which finger of mine, resides the most potent power”. And the crowd cheered with anticipation of something truly miraculous. One by one the youngsters walked up and pointed to one of the fingers. Yet wrong it was, then He’-sha-be came up and said,

“O ye great one, the power is not in them…” and the crowd gasped, the shaman squinted his eyes even more.

“… the power lies in our hands”. The entire crowd gasped and looked to the shaman with wide astonishment, but the shaman, smiled and gave him a pat of praise.

So where does the power lie? Does it lie in your hands or in the hands of invisibles whom you let control your life.

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