Can you quit?

26 12 2007

The Long Road Ahead

I have been bugged by this question, for quite some time. No its not “How many girls have ditched you?”(honestly not that many 😉 ). Neither it is some tough question about the string theory breakdown in the presence of high nuclear forces in atoms. Wait, its very simple. Its this simple as to just say yes or no: The question is “Can you quit?” Honestly can we quit? Yeah, can we quit anything we started? Umm… say this online session?(No… thats not the end of it! ) or say quit eating apple pies, or maybe something more sensible, quit your job? (Eyebrows and glare) Honestly how many of us, including me can boast of such a freedom. You see, don’t look for any safety nets, don’t search for any insurance, just do it. Tell your boss, I quit. Go up to your friends and claim you have quit drinking. Walk up to your long time foe, look up to him and say I have quit being inimical. For that matter, why should we quit, why not start? Why not start on a hitchhiking trip you always dreamt on. Hey come on, don’t give excuses like I haven’t got paid holidays. Or maybe you can walk up to that girl on the front aisle in the church and bare yourself out(not literally, just figuratively). Now that my answer, to most of them will be a no, albeit I thought myself to be a fiercely independent guy, Can I then take a ‘no’ from you?

Often it’s like that and those who say ‘yes’ are truly blessed. Now that I found a symptom, let me find the reason. I think its fear. Yeah its fear isnt it? What do you think. Fear of the unknown. Fear of maybe being a social outcast. Fear of rejection… no.. not fear of rejection. Maybe more of being laughed upon by friends(at least it is in the case of walking up to that girl in the second row of the bus). Umm… but it is fear isn’t it? So are we free to do what we want?

I dream of going for bungee jumping in Himalaya,
I see myself hitchhiking from Europe to Asia,
I’ll one day make a school for these kids in India,
I see myself building a name from here to California
I dream so much more, I see so many more,
yet I still have to face my devils and bring them fore





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2 responses

28 12 2007

it’s fear..fear of being an outcast…we fear abt the after, whenever i hav such a prob, i depend on my impulse..

28 12 2007
Soham Das

Thanks for joining me here bro… its an honour… 🙂

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