Poetry in lonely Chennai Christmas

24 12 2007

Christmas, is a good time to feel good. I am a Hindu, yet some how I don’t know, I liked this entire time. Born and brought up ‘majorly’ in North India, this time of the year fogs and sweaters are your constant companions. You cant see your fingers, yet somehow you pretend to smoke away the fog. No it doesnt snow out there(for all you guys, from EU and States). Thats probably the only thing left. Someday, I will show you the photos. But out in Chennai,during Christmas is a markedly different time. No ‘cigarettes’ to smoke with the fog. You can see yourself, your fingers and the other guy as clearly as the Onyx dust bin on the road. And you don’t wear any sweaters, in fact mutter some curse words on the hot sun beating down on you, mind you I am very close to equator. And the last two days and tomorrow, I am virtually gonna be alone. (remember Cast Away?). My roomies have gone home, yet due to a classic goof up of yours truly I am sitting all alone in my home and yeah reliving my old days(God truly I feel old). I dont have any pics to upload, of Besant Nagar.

So this brings to my say, can man truly stay without social company? ‘No man is an island’, you will say, but can he inspite of being in humanity of sea, be truly cut out from it?

Whats in it for him to stay aloof?

Tell me, I am listening. What do you think?







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