A Call of Soul

15 10 2007

Hi all,

This post has been in the schedule for quite a few days yet didnt quite bring myself to write it up. This delay I assure you, dear patrons, is not because of laziness or procrastination. If I could not bring myself to this stage, then its solely because I never found words which will reflect my thoughts in this heart. My readers say, I have a way with words, I can write up impressively, yet there are times when we cant do what we are supposed to do. I guess I am not an exception.

From quite some time I was overwhelmed with the encouraging response I got from you. I saw my blog becoming increasingly popular. Inspite of any SEO or linking or such shameless rank boosting techniques, I surged onto the top slot in Google. After the fifth week on Google, my full name brought SoulWitness as the first result. After approximately tenth week the search Soul Witness led to this site. Yes, I do love seeing this labour of love climb the ranks. Yes I do like seeing it becoming popular but what is satisfying is that- ITS YOU WHO DID THIS! You came back to read what I had to offer. You came back to see why am I sad…you came back to see why am I happy and the bottom-line is, you came back. Within three months of joining I saw my 1000th visitor have a taste of my servings.

Every man can be an artiste

-Paul Rayburn(Man on Fire,2004)

I don’t attribute these bare markers as my success quotient. No I dont. But what I certainly do is have a gauge of my visitors likes and dislikes from them. I dont change my style, but found you liked it and so I am happy and satisfied…

Many a times people whom I never knew, dropped me words of appreciation, many times people I never expected to find me, came out of their way to give me a pat. And many a times, people came, saw, felt the old vintage smell, long lost in time,liked it and left.They left only to come back for more. I dont know them. Yet I do often wish to reach out to them and ask with eagerness and curiosity in my voice,”Do tell me, did you like them?” Maybe they will turn me down, maybe they will give me a pat, but I will make it a point to thank them, for they gave my thoughts their moments which will never come back to them again.

Thank You

I would always like to go on like this, but I certainly wish we all have to reinvent and rediscover ourselves. I would like to catch hold of all you, patrons who have come back and tell me which direction should I take? Should I take the green lush roads to poetry or should I take the asphalted paths to prose writing? Philosophical tete-a-tete?Or should I hold onto each relic and nurture them as I did all these years?

I dont know if I can reach out to you, oh ye all invisible patrons, but I would like to have an answer from you. Drop me a word here.

Lastly I would like to announce a very unique series of articles called Recapture series, through which I would intend to impart a very unique flavor to the delicatessen served over here. The details are being worked out and I would be announcing their arrival soon.

Thank You once again




2 responses

18 10 2007

A series of articles sounds interesting. I look forward to seeing what subjects you cover

18 10 2007
Michelle Johnson

You have a nice write up here. I have only had the chance to read the poetry so far so I think your poetry should be focused on most. But, I can’t say that won’t change as I continue to read your blog. But, I think you could write on both, poetry/ prose, and still be fulfilled.

Your articles sound nice. Can’t wait to see what you do with them. Thanks for the comments over at Poefusion.

I think if you wrote anything with this heart you have that anyone would follow because you come across as so kind, always. So, keep up the good work.

See ya, have a nice day

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