I am a Gypsy

12 10 2007

I am a gypsy of my own making,
treading in this desert of earth
high is the sun in my life,
yet still I am in search of my home
Oasis come and go, in these sands of treachery
Often resting in their shades, sip the rare waters of amity
I am a gypsy of my own making
treading in this desert of earth

I have seen betrayals
close to me ,met to me
They are mirages and illusions,
in this journey of mine,
but did found a few oasis here and there,
passed them over, thinking ’em as hallucinations
I have lived my life and the sun is setting down
yet I am to find my hearth of heavenly celebrations
I am a gypsy of my own making,
living this cruel incarnation


If you liked it, I am sure you would love reading it




16 responses

12 10 2007

well isn’t this an unexpected pleasure… i have never been here before.. i so like this poem… i have always been a somewhat a gypsy myself… this is lovely…

ps.. if you inspect my poem you will notice i used all five of her words…. i must have done a good job if the only one that stuck out was gypsy!!!!!!

12 10 2007

Great image system, I think I may know where you’re coming from as well.
Don’t let it get you down too much.

12 10 2007
Michelle Johnson

I really enjoyed reading this poem. It was so beautiful. How does one truly search for oneself in these desert sands? Especially when one is confronted with betrayals, mirages and illusion. I love the flow of these words. Absolutely stunning piece. Thanks for sharing and stopping by Poefusion. Keep up the good work.

Have a nice day.

12 10 2007
Soham Das

Thanks…but do you really know from where I am coming? Pray, reveal, I am waiting ….

12 10 2007
Soham Das


Michelle thank you for giving me this muse. I was searching for “that-something” which is sometimes called inspiration but I think you gave me something which I never found elsewhere…

12 10 2007

Nicely done…I enjoy reading your work.

12 10 2007
Soham Das

The Pleiades is excellent. Wow!
You were in mathematics for some time, weren’t you?

12 10 2007

A lovely piece.

14 10 2007

There is great beauty and depth of feeling in this. I love the layers and sense of journey, too. And I love the line “yet I am still in search of my home” — very touching.

14 10 2007
Soham Das

Clare, thank you for feeling what I tried to convey.

15 10 2007
gautami tripathy

WE are always searching ourselves. That can never end. The day the quest ends is the end of us.

Thanks for making me think.

15 10 2007
Soham Das

Dear Gautami,
Thanks for dropping by and giving them a read. Its right that we are searching for ourselves. But wont it ever end? Will this curiosity, this jigyasa will never be met? Man’s most basic instinct is to seek, will he never reach his destination? I believe one day we all will, but perhaps as you said we will not be men by then…

15 10 2007

sands of treachery

That is my favorite line. It brings to mind the utter creulness of this world, at times.

20 10 2007
Anna Vera Williams

This is very real to me and even makes me feel better about some of the fluctuations I have experienced in my own life this week. Thank you.

19 11 2007

really cool dude..i like this poem very much..
“I am a gypsy of my own making,
living this cruel incarnation” – this is my fav line..great..

19 11 2007
Soham Das

Thanks Visakh, I appreciate that 🙂

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