Infinite Reality

6 10 2007

Life, like a child, giggles with me
beholding in its eyes, the innocence of today
Rattles in her hand,chirping happily away
reminds me of her morrows beau,
the tranquil young kid, called the Death.

Life has held my fingers again,
urging me to take her to him,
The fingers are tender, the touch silken
feels like the wine of joy
laden till flowing brim

She is beautiful and she is true
but pleads with her eyes still
to talk with her only beau,
I give up my notions, losing my sanity
I lift her gently on my arms
to meet the death in the infinite reality

As some of my readers would have noticed, this piece is coming after a long time. In fact almost after 24 days of drought 🙂 . The last one being Fading Realities. In all these times, I did want to write (something), yet couldn’t bring myself to write. You could see I dabbled in other non-literary, almost zero effort demanding articles like Zeitgeist, Indian Cricket Victory etc. I was hunting down literally crazily for a muse, that sudden something which makes you write. The strange often mysterious flash of inspiration which produces great somethings. 🙂 . Well I am not in that league, nowhere distinctly near. But still I feel given the interest the readers have shown they deserve some crap of better value (I still do consider these as literary junk, but even craps can have marginal value isn’t it? ). I was looking for that muse when it happened upon me why don’t I go back to the same person who gave me an inspiration sometime back and I did go. It was none other than Mr. Tagore for the verses Upagupta. This time I don’t know from where did I take my inspiration apparently it doesn’t have a name where I saw it. Apparently the entire inspiration are these two lines with profound words:

Life, like a child, laughs,
shaking its rattle of death as it runs.

Well to some, it may look like another blatant literary vandalism (you may not be wrong entirely), for some it may look like a philosophical piece with some thoughts strewn around(you are welcome to make them their own and nurture them, they are no better than orphans in my life) and for still some others it may look like nothing at all(you are welcome). :). Whatever be it, please do keep visiting. Its you who makes me write. Comments are most eagerly looked forward to.





3 responses

14 10 2007
Upagupta « The Soul and The Witness

[…] One more piece coming out from me, thanks to the inspiration of Tagore […]

15 10 2007

She is beautiful and she is true

That part is simple yet elegant and refined. Gorgeous word play.

3 11 2007

I came back to read this again and find myself captivated by the last stanza.

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