India,Sandpiper and 92/2

22 09 2007

Hola, everybody..this is me and India is at 99/2 as I write… seems like Yuvi has hit another four and yeah, he has and India down 2 wickets 13th over gone and I am one Sandpiper down. Frankly not that good. Both my opinions about the present run rate and Sandpiper’s taste. So lets see I think this is gonna be some match. With India sailing at 113/2 ,Yuvi coming later than Uthappa and scoring a 55, with 14.1 overs gone thats good. I am having a tickling feeling in my brains and spreading all over my body, as the excitement to this match is building partly to having drunk 650 ml of Sandpiper in four gulps.. Did I say ..hic…?

So whats gonna turn out? Chip in and tell me if Aus will win…

Shit! can you blve that? Aus on 36/0 Gilchrist 22…4,6,1,4 ,1…R.P Singh…hang on in there boy, dont loose your confidence…

Boy ,Sreesanth, you did it right…couldnt have asked for more…Gilchrist gone… bowled out…

God! India won…yipeee….and I am feeling great…Sandpiper has made me feel lightweight and India’s win has given me fuel to my rocket…Phew India won…and wow! Dhoni’s comment to Shastri is refreshing….Yeah!!!thats the spirit boy!

P.S: This post has not been included in the contents page due to the seeming incoherence with the theme of the blog.For other such post of this category, visit this and this.




One response

22 09 2007
Soham Das

Gosh I am feeling a lil groggy…who said beer doesnt affect you,surely it does when drink 650ml of it in 4 gulps…

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