Fading Realities

18 09 2007

Why do realities fade so fast?
Why does last night’s pain is now a numbed loss?
And why that loss, will be oblivion tomorrow?
Ah! we cant remember, our minds are too narrow.

Why does that love seem so distant?
Why does this heart seem so relieved,
It did lose something didn’t it dear?
Ah! we forget the gone-bys and cling to things near.

How shallow we are, I wonder,
yesterday’s sorrows are todays ironies
todays foes will be tomorrow’s cronies,
wonder if today’s sins will be tomorrow’s glories,
ah! we forgot dear, we forget,
but thats a different story.




One response

6 10 2007
Infinite Reality « The Soul and The Witness

[…] piece is coming after a long time. In fact almost after 24 days of drought . The last one being Fading Realities. In all these times, I did want to write (something), yet couldnt bring myself to write. You could […]

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