What you gonna do if you know your life is gonna end?

16 09 2007

Last Friday, a 7.9 scaled on Richter rocked Thailand. People dead, lives gone and within perhaps a brief dance of destruction Nature took away lives of men unsuspecting, unpretending, happy till their last moments, living in their worlds of achieved happiness and unachievable dreams. I wonder what would have gone through their hearts when they felt their life force weaning away. I wonder what did they think, I could have done this the other way. Did they think, I didn’t thank my neighbor for being so helpful through my troubled times, or did they realize, I didn’t kiss my mother Good Bye today. Or were they filled with a concoction of fear,disappointment, regret. What would you have done if you know your life is gonna end the very next moment.

I stay in Chennai, a coastal metropolis in South India. When the first earthquake rocked Phuket in 2004,this place felt the effects of its aftereffects first hand. Tsuami. It entered the psyche of people and the language of the locals. So this Friday, a Tsunami alert was sounded in response to the mishap in Thailand. When I came out of my office in evening, I really expected a lot of panicked people, tucked in a corner in their homes, road deserted, making their last minute frantic calls to their loved and dear ones. After all you had only six hours to live, of which almost 4 hours were gone. So what do you do with the rest of your lifetime. Surprisingly people didn’t give a damn! The same narrow streets, the same traffic clogged artery of the metro, the same fetid smell, and the same home finally. I reached home thinking about all these, and thought did people really care if they die now,today or tomorrow? Didn’t they feel they have lots left to do but somehow were robbed of the way to do them? Didn’t anybody feel I have got to support my autist brother back in village, I have got to live, didn’t anybody feel, I wanted to be a tennis champion for my father, I have got to live. Didn’t anybody feel, I have to thank my girl for being so patient with me, I got to live. Well…they didn’t think about it. They just lived life like every other day. But perhaps somebody would have felt, If only I can reach home a little earlier…

So what you gonna do if you know your life is gonna end?

(The Tsunami alert was later withdrawn in the wake of low oceanic activity in the Indian Ocean)




2 responses

26 01 2008

Probably, they were not aware of it..? πŸ™‚

26 01 2008
Soham Das

haha… very much possible.. or maybe they didn’t give it a damn! I dont know πŸ™‚

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