Memories of S

27 08 2007

Its her, whom I desired and still do,
felt the love could be silenced in
the new city’s fading milieu,
yet haunted I am still,
when lost I am in thoughts of my own,
O sweet love of mine,my love still alone.

Haunted I am,chased I am
by the memories of your time.
Who are you, O gracious, tell me?
I see every doubtful face
adorned by your lovely grace
I see every walking feet
pose your lovely gait
Who are you O gracious,haunted I am
desiring you in every living moment of mine.

I saw a young girl walking on that tarmac,the other day
she smiled like you, and gazed like you
Haunted I was again, to whom I bid adieu
My heart skipped, and breaths faded
and I smiled once more in your lieu,
silently mutterring curse on my fate
for her joy was not a sudden new.
I still think,it was her, dont you?




One response

1 09 2007
Magsearch :)

My most favourite of all yur works!!

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