Reflections : The Song of the Lonely Paths

16 07 2007

Hi, I was just going through my previous posts and I just came across my poems The Songs of the Lonely Paths. Okay, no doubt and no second thought, amateurish stuff at best. People of my genre, often try to cover this shortcoming by mentioning the fact that this was written long time back. Oh yeah! I am no different. But frankly, I did write it recently but felt although it did have some rhythm and all those stuff, but it didnt feel like poetry.

Hmm….I guess, I didnt hear to my heart much, heard the public opinion a little bit more….

My opinion: amateurish stuff….

Compared to that I guess, I am coming home was better poised…. (and prosed?)and yeah, The Night I feel was also sort of better than this. But I am not going to remove it. You know why? I certainly believe that a man is made up with his successes and failures. I graciously accept The Song… was a failure of a poet in me and perhaps The Night or I am coming… was better…but cant keep the good stuff always, can I?




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