The Song of the Lonely Paths

12 07 2007

I have got to trudge a lonely path…
even if it calls their fiery wrath,
Their sinister threats I do not hear,
their fierce grimaces I dont care,
I wont budge, got no fear.

I know what they did to you.
you broke up,for the agony you went through.
Let me chart my own destiny, my own life
and stop me not,
if I fade away in this gory rife.

Fight I will, for fight I must.
its the thing which I call as trust
I still have got that, hears my inner ear
I wont budge, got no fear

Life is an open book, wont close it too soon,
My dreams are the words on it,
not a scratch on some sand dune
Wont get far, that what I always hear
Still wont budge, got no fear

Copyright(c)2007 Soham Das

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12 10 2007
Reflections : The Song of the Lonely Paths « The Soul and The Witness

[…] 16 07 2007 Hi, I was just going through my previous posts and I just came across my poems The Songs of the Lonely Paths. Okay, no doubt and no second thought, amateurish stuff at best. People of my genre, often try to […]

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