The night

10 07 2007

Hush, my baby, hush for our hopes are low

and the night is long

Gone are the braves, and real men (here) are few

but clad in its bestial body,is human mind ‘skewed


Hush, my baby, hush, for the wind is slow

and the night is long

yet, they still are high on their murder song,

Brandishing their shining swords, blind men of faith,

dancing and killing still for their gods of hate


Hush,my baby,hush…hush for some time…

Let them go away with their blood and crimes,

You had brethrens too one time,and

life was joyful and mirthful in its glory

But death is all ’round us…

and today is another story…


Hush, my baby, hush

This hunger too will pass away,

and I will show you another day…

where the sky is blue and birds still chirp…


Hush…my sonny hush….

look they are coming,but cry you not…

for the pain will last for a fleeting moment

and gone in those,will be your final torment

Washed once again in this dark drizzle,

will be one more crimson pool of life.

(c) Soham Das




2 responses

23 07 2007

Love the first two line of the third verse. Stunning.

24 07 2007
Soham Das

Thanks Sara

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