I am coming home

13 02 2007

Walking through the dreary desert of time,
promised fading loyalties dozens a dime,
earning endless bruises on my soul
Mama, I think I am coming home

Braving infinite storms of world,
winning over some,losing to some,
tossed apart by the wind,
I am coming home

A thousand battles I fought and a million foes did I kill
here lies the spoils of my fights and here lies my battered world
I wont see tomorrow’s sun, but I know I will see you
Mama,at last I am coming home

(c) Soham Das




4 responses

9 07 2007

amazing poetry….couldnt find any better

17 07 2007

Love the repeating of the line I am coming home. Very powerful.

22 07 2007
shakir hasnain

i love the emphasis on ” think ” the implicit doubt and how it vanishes towards the last line

15 10 2007
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