Rendezvous in Samarkand

29 01 2007

A long long time ago in the golden city of Samarra, there was a servant who worked for a prosperous and a rich merchant, on whom life had been generous.
One day the merchant asks his servant to go to the city market and bring a piece of fresh loaf; The obedient servant sets on his way to the market but on his way he sees a man in dark cloak and fiery eyes.And the man gives him a mean scorn and a grunt so fearful that may hell shake itself through. The terrified servant ran and ran as fast as his puny legs carried him. He reaches his master’s home with primal fear he says “Master I saw the Death himself in the city market today and he is out to kill me. Please lend me your fastest horse and I will flee to Samarkand. There Death will never find me.”
Highly surprised the merchant still gives his horse away and goes to market to see the Death himself and confront him.
When he met him he reprimanded and asked why did he terrify his loyal servant. But the man let out a guttural laugh and spoke “O wise Merchant, I intended not to terrify him, but was surprised at seeing him in Samarra, for I have a rendezvouz with him in Samarkand tomorrow.”

On the insistence of one of my readers, (who thought this is my own work), I would like to say, this is a Persian folk tale and Jeffrey Archer uses this as the prologue for To Cut a Long Story Short. My apologies to the readers who felt this is my own work.




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1 09 2007
Magsearch :)

still nice of yu to bring it to us..

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